Moving Dog To Australia

Guidelines When Moving Dog To Australia

Moving to another country is not an easy task, so you can expect an even more challenging time when moving dog to Australia with you. Moving dog to Australia is not something you do on impulse.  Rather, moving dog to Australia is something you plan ahead of time to avoid getting stressed along the way.

Aside from the time you have to spend preparing when moving dog to Australia, you also have to consider the costs of the entire procedure, which is by no means cheap. Moving dog to Australia or any other animal for that matter, is highly regulated and in some cases prohibited, so better be prepared for any eventuality.

Knowledge and preparation are the keys to successfully moving dog to Australia so check out these guidelines to help you get through the whole process in a less stressful manner.

Dog breed and age

Even before you go through the paperwork necessary when moving dog to Australia, it is important to ascertain if Australia allows entry to the specific dog breed you are bringing with you. The age of your dog is also an important determinant when moving dog to Australia. As a general rule, the following dog breeds should not be included when moving dog to Australia:
• Pres Canaria
• Dogo Argentino
• Pit Bull Terrier
• Brazilian Mastiff
• Japanese Tosa
Micro chipping when moving dog to Australia

The first important step you should take when applying for a permit when moving dog to Australia is to microchip your dog. It is important to use a microchip which is compatible with Destron, Trovan or other ISO-compatible readers. When done, you can now apply for an import permit specifically for moving dog to Australia. This permit is only valid for up to six months so make sure it is still valid at the time you are moving dog to Australia.

Quarantine Station

One of the most important things necessary when moving dog to Australia is to put your dog in a quarantine station. It is important to have your dog checked by a Veterinarian authorized by the Department of Immigration, and the tests conducted in an authorized laboratory. All the vaccination for your dog must have been administered within a fortnight before moving dog to Australia. Your pet dog needs some more tests wi8thin 30 days of moving dog to Australia for specific canine diseases. There is also a pre-export inspection which your dog has to pass within four days of the flight.

International Shipping To Australia

Booking your dog’s transportation

Moving dog to Australia is possible through airplanes, ships and even land transfer. Once you got all the paperwork and quarantine requirements done, it is time to book you dog’s transportation. If you are moving dog to Australia by air, then make sure the dog is inside a container approved by the IATA and declared as a manifested cargo. Also check if the airport where you dog is set to enter Australia is authorized for dog entries.

Pet moving

It is best if you will be traveling with your dog when moving dog to Australia. But if it is not possible, and you want some piece of mind while your dog is away, you can get the services of a pet moving company. There are animal agents that take care of all the permits and the requirements, send off your dog and take care of the arrival arrangements when moving dog to Australia.

AQIS rules for moving dog to Australia

The Australian Quarantine Inspection Services or AQIS has rules and regulation to be followed when moving dog to Australia. These rules apply from the time you get a permit for your dog, up to the time it has to be released from Australian quarantine where it will be placed upon arrival in the country. You will need to download the AQIS import conditions when moving dog to Australia to guide you during the importation stage. While AQIS pegs the timeline for the approval of the import permit within 10 days business days from submission, the actual approval may take longer because of the different processes involved and the number of applications being received by AQIS for moving dog to Australia. Putting your dog in a quarantine station when moving dog to Australia will be at your own cost.

It is important to comply with the requirements of the AQIS application form to avoid delay in the processing of your permit for moving dog to Australia. It is possible to submit your completed application form and pay for it online but make sure you comply with all the details required in the Importer details, Exporter detail and Animal detail.

You can be both the importer and the exporter when moving dog to Australia. However, make sure you provide the right contact details including your phone and address in Australia because a P.O. Box number is not acceptable. As the importer moving dog to Australia, you are responsible for the dog’s quarantine fees and for his release. However, you can authorize other people to collect your dog from quarantine.

It is important that you fill in the dog’s details properly when moving dog to Australia, including the name that will respond to during the period of quarantine. Also include the dog’s age, species, breed, sex, pregnancy when applicable, as well as medication details.

We know how important your pets are and if you are moving dog to Australia, then you should make the whole experience as pleasant for the dog as possible. This can be achieved if you know the proper procedure and the AQIS rules to be observed when moving dog to Australia.


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